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How to cal­cu­late the price of a wed­ding at Stub­ton Hall

We've tried to make our pricing easy to understand, but here are a few pointers if you are trying to figure out what a wedding at Stubton Hall would cost.

  • First choose a package from our guideline prices. This is the per head price that you will pay for each guest.
  • Next pick an ideal number of guests, then multiply the per head price by the number of guests. This will give you the cost of food and drinks for all daytime guests.
  • On top of this per head price, you will pay a venue fee according to the day of the week and time of the year. For Example, a July Saturday in 2020 would cost £6,800.
  • Finally, add your total per head cost plus the venue fee and you will arrive at the basic cost for a Stubton Hall wedding (Per head price x guest numbers) + Venue Fee = Price of a wedding day

This total already includes VAT at 20% and all daytime staffing, so there are no hidden extras to add on. Of course we expect you to customise your choices and probably add on an evening buffet, but we like to do that in conversation with you. Please also remember that the prices on our website are guidelines. You may choose options which could fluctuate your prices slightly – but don’t worry, the choosing is all part of the fun!